2009. febr. 5.

Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz - G'd Up [2000]


1. "Intro To Indo" (Featuring Dr. Dre) Skit
2. "Now We Lay 'Em Down" (featuring Kokane) Produced by Meech Wells
3. "Tha Eastsidaz" Produced by Meech Wells and Def Jef
4. "Dogghouse" (Featuring Tha Locs and Rappin' 4-Tay) Produced by Goldie Loc
5. "Give It 2 'Em Dogg" (Featuring Bugsy Seigal) Produced by Goldie Loc and Bugsy Seigal
6. "Got Beef" (Featuring Jayo Felony and Sylk E. Fine) Produced by L.T. Hutton
7. "Real Talk" Skit
8. "Balls Of Steel" Produced by DJ Battlecat
9. "Nigga 4 Life" (Featuring Bad Azz) Produced by Blaqthoven
10. "G'd Up" (Featuring Butch Cassidy) Produced by DJ Battlecat
11. "Another Day" (Featuring Butch Cassidy) Produced by Jelly Roll
12. "Tha Mac Ten Commandments" Skit
13. "Ghetto Life" (Featuring Kokane, Kam, and Nate Dogg) Produced by DJ Battlecat
14. "Big Bang Theory" (Featuring Xzibit, Kurupt, CPO, and Pinky) Produced by Warren G
15. "Be Thankful" (Featuring Kam, Pretty Tony, and Warren G) Produced by DJ Battlecat
16. "How You Livin'" (Featuring Butch Cassidy) Produced by DJ Battlecat
17. "Take It Back To '85" (Featuring Kurupt and Butch Cassidy) Produced by Soopafly
18. "Tha G In Deee" Produced by Meech Wells
19. "Tha Mac Bible: Chapter 2:11 Verse 187" Skit
20. "Pussy Sells" (Featuring Suga Free) Produced by L.T. Hutton
21. "LBC Thang" (Featuring Butch Cassidy) Produced by DJ Battlecat
22. "Life Goes On" (Featuring Kokane) Produced by Meech Well


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