2009. febr. 18.

Shock-G - Fear Of A Mixed Planet [2004]



1. Keep It Beautiful (feat. Keith Porter)
2. Cherry Flava'd Email (feat. Clev MC, 5th Element, Ant Dog & Delina Dream)
3. Weesom Hustlas (feat. Money B & Humpty Hump)
4. Cinnamon Waves (feat. DJ Q-bert, Ray Luv & Delina Dream)
5. Holmedown Up (feat. Yukmouth, Java, Clev MC, 5th Element)
6. Let's Go (feat. Trevel & DJ D Sharp)
7. My Opinion (feat. Numskull)
8. Who's Clean
9. Fear Of A Mixed Planet
10. Gotchoo
11. The Rime In The Mochanut
12. Perfect Life (feat. 5th Element)
13. We're All Killaz
14. Baby You Okay?
15. Sun Shine Rime (feat. Mo & Delina Dream)
16. Clev MC
17. Your Sun Iza Pimp (feat. Humpty Hump & K-Lien)


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