2009. febr. 1.

Doc. Ce - Qualified Hustla [2008]


01.Intro (01:08)
02.Set for Action Feat. Rbx and Prodeje (04:34)
03.Bringin Da Heat Feat. Mc Eiht (03:44)
04.Inter Loode (2 My Ghetto People) (00:21)
05.Down in Da Struggle (03:58)
06.Want it All Feat. Bad Azz (03:32)
07.Hey Girl Feat. Kk of Second 2 None (03:47)
08.Inter Loode (Ballin Like that) (01:00)
09.On Dubs Feat. Madd Nation (03:24)
10.Down on My Knees (04:06)
11.Inter Loode (Back in Da Day) (00:56)
12.Get Active (04:08)
13.Didn’t Say Feat. Madd Nation (04:17)
14.Qualified Hustla Feat. Robert Wilson of Gap Band (03:17)


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