2010. márc. 13.

Foesum - Loyalty and Respect [2010]


01 Intro
02 Go Hard On Em
03 All Night (feat. Tasha)
04 If I Could Take You Home (feat. The Homie Kelly)
05 They Know (feat. MC Eiht & OG Daddy V)
06 What's Next
07 I Like Em (feat. Two-J & Wayniac)
08 Wit Da Quickness
09 Stay On The Move (feat. Bo Roc & Tasha)
10 Message To T-Dubb
11 Find A Way (feat. Loops)
12 Ready 2 Ride (feat. Fingazz)
13 Summertime (feat. Bo Roc & Tasha)
14 World Wide 2 (feat. Kayzabro)
15 Loyalty And Respect
16 Outro


2 megjegyzés:

ケンジ írta...

much appreciated

big ups to TWO-J and Kayzabro for DS455 representing Yokohama 045 area : D

can find some g-funk japanese artists at


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