2009. okt. 29.

South Central Cartel - Chucc N It Up [2009]


1. Somebody Gone Die 2nite Feat. Weeto
2. We Keep It Gutta Feat. Sara S
3. Lights Out Feat. Dj AK
4. They Need Us
5. Cartel-4-L
6. Chuccz and Stacy Adams Feat. Guilty One
7. Gangsta Luv Theme Feat. Sara S
8. Fucc Em Feat Assains
9. Evil That Men Do Feat. The Evilside Gz
10. Same Gee
11. Crazy Feat. Culaburashun
12. Raw War Feat. The Evilside Gz
13. We Gangstaz Feat. Micc Multiee and Sicko
14. How We Roll Feat. Nino Brown
15. I Live Feat. Butch Calibuh
16. Crazy (King Ov Kingz Remix) Feat. Psycomatic


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