2009. jan. 1.

Mack 10 - Ghetto, Gutter And Gangsta [2003]


1. Intro
2. Lights Out (Westside Connection ft. Knoc Turnal)
3. K To The M.A.C. (K-Mac)
4. Please Believe It (Da Hood ft. Money Grip)
5. Get Yo Ride On (Hoo Bangin Gangstas)
6. Promise To Be A Hustla (Da Hood)
7. Figaro Rida (B-Brazy)
8. Ain't Got A Penny To Give (Young Hoggs)
9. Big Bang Theory (Insert)
10. S.O.O. W.O.O. [Remix] (Mack 10, Reservoir Dogs)
11. Dirt (Fat Joe, Damizza & Mack 10)
12. Gather 'Round (Young Hoggs)
13. Gangsta (Young Hoggs ft. Money Grip & Young Tre)
14. The Weed Song (Young Hoggs ft. Skoop & Devi)
15. Look At Us Now (Da Hood ft. Butch Cassidy)
16. Live Wire (Young Hoggs)
17. Page I (Reservoir Dogs)
18. Double Fisted (E-40 ft. The Mossie)
19. In The Heart Of The Ghetto (Turf Talk)
20. Rule The World (J-Man)
21. Outro


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