2008. márc. 20.

Spice 1 - Greatest Hits: Music Videos DVD

Spice 1 - Greatest Hits On DVD DVD
2006 Thug World Entertainment

Features Music Videos:

1. Dumpin' Em In Ditches
2. Trigga Gots No Heart
3. In My Neighborhood
4. Strap On The Side
5. Ain't No Love
6. Welcome To The Ghetto
7. 1990-Sick
8. 187 Proof
9. Playa Man
10. Eastbay Gangsta
11. Murda Show
12. Face Of A Desperate Man

Also Features:

Straight gangsta footage.... let's take a ride with "The Milkman"
and go on a journey with the Eastbay Legendary Gangsta Spice 1!
Watch and listen to real game as he pops his whip on the
aspect of life as we stroll through the ghettos of Las Vegas
keepin it saaved out, only a real boss true nigga can feel this so twist
one up fam and lets ride!

Extra Features:
"Hommies" Music Video by The Milkman


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